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Cider Magic Unleashed: Join Us for a Tasting Adventure

One of the highlights of our bar is the extensive selection of ciders we offer. From traditional English ciders to innovative craft ciders, we have something to suit every palate. Whether you prefer a dry and crisp cider or a sweet and fruity one, we have it all. In addition to our wide range of ciders, we also offer a variety of cider-based cocktails. Our talented mixologists have crafted unique and refreshing concoctions that showcase the versatility of cider. From cider margaritas to cider mojitos, these cocktails are a must-try for any cider lover looking to explore new flavors. From artisanal cheese platters to charcuterie boards, our menu is designed to complement the flavors of the ciders.

Each dish is carefully curated to enhance the taste and create a harmonious combination of flavors. At our bar, we believe that cider is not just a drink, but a way of life. That’s why we regularly host cider tasting events and workshops, where you can learn more about the cider-making process and discover new brands and flavors. These events are a great opportunity to meet fellow cider enthusiasts and share your passion for this delightful beverage. So, if you are looking for a cider aficionado’s paradise, look no further than our bar. With its wide selection of ciders, delicious food pairings, and vibrant atmosphere, it is the perfect place to indulge in your love for cider.

Visit us today and embark on a cider journey like no other. When it comes to refreshing and flavorful beverages, cider has been gaining popularity in recent years. With its crisp and fruity taste, it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing brewery Springdale cider as their drink of choice. At our welcoming bar, we offer a wide selection of ciders on tap, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer a sweet or dry taste, there is a cider out there that will suit your palate. Our bar takes pride in offering a diverse range of ciders on tap, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every cider lover’s taste buds.

Black Apple Hard Cider
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